Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Double Denim

I promise that I do have a life outside of Pinterest and I do something other than pinning. But, here is another Pinterest inspired outfit: Double Denim! Pinterest has been buzzing about the merits of double denim so pairing a lighter denim shirt with some darker denim jeans. There used to be all sorts of fashion rules about never wearing denim together. But now denim on denim has gone from being a fashion no-no to a fashion must! It's such a simple outfit and can be put together really cheaply. Denim shirts are ten-a-penny in the high street stores and you can even dress it up with different trims and styles of denim shirt. Whack on a pair of pumps and job's a good 'un as we say in Yorkshire!

Hoodie: Primark Men's
Shirt: Joules
Jeans: Primark
Pumps: Primark (current)
Necklace: Accessorize

When I invested in a denim shirt, I went for a simple style that would go with everything and anything. But there have been lots of variations with flower prints, lace trims and aztec accents. The reason I chose a simple on was so that I could dress it up or down and go to town with accessories. I love how this necklace contrasts with the casual style of the outfit. 

I searched for the right hoodie for a long time. Primark had the colour that I wanted but not in a zip-down style. I know! Such a kerfuffle! So I took the escalator down to the bottom floor and found the perfect colour and style in the Menswear. There are so many skinny hipsters around these days that it is possible to buy Menswear clothes without it swamping you. So next time you are in town, take the escalator down and see what you find!

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