Friday, 24 January 2014

Hunting Tartans

I love tartan. If I had my wish, I would wear it all the time from top to toe. However, I would look a teensy bit odd wandering around Bristol! My family has ancestry in Scotland and we belong to the MacLean, which means the servants of St. John. I can think of worst saints to serve. St. John spent a lot of time telling people to love. Unlike the other John (the Baptist) who was unfortunately separated from his head! My Scottish blood might well be the reason why I love tartan but it is definitely the reason for my ginger tinge! Whatever colour I dye it, I'm still a little bit ginger!

Blazer: Joules
Blouse: Cath Kidston
Skirt: New Look
Scarf: Vintage (Grandma to Mother to Me)
Brooch: Present

For anyone who is struggling being alive:

It's a great song whether or not you are a Christian. 

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