Sunday, 12 January 2014

Pantomime Dame

One of my favourite Rhodes' family traditions is to go to see a Pantomime on New Year's Eve. As I've written about on previous posts, I live with Major Depressive Disorder, which means I often struggle to enjoy plays, books and TV programmes because the issues raised might disturb me or because I worry about the back stories of the characters. For example, a character buying a dress might seem innocuous to most viewers but to me, it starts me worrying about their finances, and then my finances and then guilt, shame and self-hatred follow on their heels. 

But pantomime is something different! For a few hours, I am able to forget about my illness and my worries and just truly enjoy the show! I don't sit in the audience worrying about what other members of that audience think of me, if I'm fat, ugly or a horrible person. I share the experience with the audience and enjoy it along with them. I can imagine that some readers might think that a 25-year-old woman should have grown out of pantomimes but I didn't have the same childhood. Though, my parents loved me so so much and I was never neglected or hurt. But my fears and worries swamped my childhood so much so that I just remember being very scared and very alone. When just walking to school is an almost insurmountable task, it leaves very little time to enjoy being a child. There is something so innocent (even with all the double entendres!) and care-free about a pantomime that works its magic on my depression and allows me to have the childhood I never enjoyed. 

If any of the issues I have spoken about bring up anything that you want to speak about, please do feel very free to get in contact! If not, just sit back and enjoy the fashion!

Enjoying fish n chips & mushy peas!

The bloke with his TARDIS!

My favourite pantomime dames!

My lovely cat Zorro!
I loved mixing this gorgeous pheasant print polo with a tartan skirt. I got this polo from Joules in their sale! Though they have sold out, they still have lots of lovely polos in a variety of different prints and designs. Some with ruffled collars (me likey a lot!) and others with floral prints.

Creme Bouquet Polo

Frilsden Polo

Polo: Joules
Cardigan: Joules
Skirt: New Look
Boots: Franco Sarto
Necklace: New Look
Brooch: Cath Kidston

What do you think? 


  1. I'm sorry to hear you suffer from a depressive disorder :(
    Your style is quite cute! Look forward to more of your posts. xx

    1. Thanks Adrianna! I hope you enjoy the rest of my outfits! X