Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Most Beautiful Thing

After over two years away, I am back working at my beloved Wild Oats. This little shop is a treasure trove of health food and natural remedies. It's a lovely place to browse the shelves and pick up new treats for yourself. It's an even lovelier place to work even if most of your wage gets spent on yummy foods!

I'm really enjoying working there again be it doing the washing up, putting out stock or serving customers. What I love is the ability to serve people in such a basic way. Though it may just be finding them a gorgeous new tea to try or picking up a quick pint of milk, I get to participate in their daily life and bring nourishment to their body. It really is the most beautiful thing.

Shawl: Free People // Blouse: H&M // Shorts: Primark // Necklace: Accessorize //

Top: Truly Madly Deeply @ Urban Outfitters // Skirt: Staring at Stars @ Urban Outfitters // Earrings: Gift from a lovely housemate // Short necklace: the cross was a Christening gift and the pendant was a gift from the bloke // Hamsa necklace: Accessorize //

Top: Truly Madly Deeply @ Urban Outfitters // Jeans (I enjoy wearing these not just because they're comfy but because the bloke hates them!): New Look // Necklace: As above // Boots: Primark

I love wolves and you should too. Or at least watch this amazing video!

I absolutely adore how relaxed and comfy this outfit. The top was an amazing purchase from Primark. It's a wool-like material and is great for just sloppy elegance. I also love wearing it for yoga, look at me doing a mini-tree!
Top: Primark // Dress: New Look // Leggings: Primark // Hairband: Primark // Earrings: Accessorize // Short necklace: Mixture of gifts // Turquoise necklace: Accessorize //


  1. Wild Oats sounds like a wonderful place to pick up yummy and healthful treats! All of the tops you styled in these outfits are very pretty. The H&M blouse, Free People shawl and Accessorize necklace in the first outfit are all lovely. I love the graphic print on your Truly Madly Deeply top and the Staring At The Stars skirt you styled it with. I'll have to peruse what Urban Outfitters is carrying more often. Your comfy Primark top is pretty too.


    1. Thanks! I've only recently rediscovered Urban Outfitters but am finding it at an (overpriced) treasure trove! I love the more mystical style tees that Truly Madly Deeply do! X